Spring Break Forever

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

| Dress | Bag | Shoes | Hat (Similar) | Bracelet | Watch |

| Necklace (Similar) |  |Lipstick (Sugar Chic) |

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an awesome week. Spring break is approaching, and it’s safe to say I’m beyond ready to be sitting on the beach, drink in hand. This look from SheIn is giving me those spring break butterflies, and really, I don’t think it can get any comfier than a t-shirt dress. Like most beauty junkies, I tend to pack my entire makeup collection when traveling. As I start to conjure up my packing list, I’m trying to determine what I will use versus what I might use so that I can avoid living in a product tornado while I’m on break.  And let’s be honest, who really wants to do their entire makeup procedure on vacation? Not me, that’s for sure! I want to spend as little time possible getting ready so that I can enjoy soaking up the sun but still feel confident while doing so. I think I’ve come up with the products that will help me do just that and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Loreal Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner: I’m totally obsessed with this shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair so soft and completely eliminates frizz when I let my hair dry naturally! Perfect for the relaxed beach look.

Davines All in One Milk: This is the cherry on top when it comes to having soft, naturally dried hair! Spray some in your palm, run it through your hair with your fingers, let it dry, and wa-lah! Super soft, beach ready hair.

Spearmint Eucalyptus Body Wash: This body wash will relax you with one whiff. Spearmint and Eucalyptus are used to promote stress relief and this scrub does just that!

Goats milk lotion: Goats milk? Sounds kinda gross I know. But it definitely does not smell like cheese lol. I am absolutely addicted to this lotion and it comes in a travel size!

Neutrogena self tanner: Feeling like you don’t have enough color to sport your new bikini? Well this Neutrogena Micro Mist tanner will solve all of your problems. Simply spray it on evenly after you moisturize and you will be perfectly sun kissed!

Bobbi brown tinted moisturizer: This tinted moisturizer keeps your skin full of moisture, has great coverage, and it’s SPF 15! Perfect for spring break whether you’re on or off the beach!

Better than sex mascara: I can’t get enough of this mascara guys, I swear it makes me feel like I have fake lashes on! Easy and effortless.

Bobbie brown highlighting bronzer: This highlighting bronzer will give you the perfect natural glow that you’ve always wanted. Plus, it’s pretty amazing because you can highlight and bronze together!

Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm: I’ve been using this on my lips since high school. It adds the perfect natural pink shimmer to your lips and it will protect them out in the sun!

I hope this list helps you guys sort out your packing list like it helped me! No more disorganization, only relaxation. Have a wonderful night guys, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or questions. I can’t wait to see all of your spring break adventures!





Instagram Outfit Updates

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


//Rails Shirt//Jeans (Similar)//Gold Hoops//Boots//Mantraband//Alex and Ani//Watch(On SALE!)//

//Eye Palette//Lipstick(Discreet)//Iphone 6 Case(Fits Iphone 6s)//Ring(Similar)//


//T-shirt Dress//Rails Shirt//Lace-up Flats//Lipstick(Russian Red)//

//Brow Pencil(Light Brown)//Necklace//Bourbon and Boweties Bracelet//

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an amazing week! I’ve decided to start posting my Instagram outfits up on the blog so you can easily find the items on my most recent posts. This fall I am loving Rails shirts, I can’t get enough of them. Not only are they great quality, but the comfort level of these shirts is unbeatable. For my first look I paired my light vintage denim Rails shirt with my favorite destroyed grey wash jeans from Abercrombie. These jeans aren’t available at this time so I posted a link to a very similar pair above. I accessorized this look with my favorite gold hoops, some gold arm candy, and a cute little blue cocktail ring that I received in my last Rocksbox shipment. Side note about the gold hoops- they are super light so they don’t pull down on your earlobes. I have very delicate ears due to many years of wearing heavy earrings and these don’t bother me at all! I finished this look off with my “Toffee” Lucky Brand booties which are so unbelievably easy to slip on not to mention super comfortable. I just recently snagged this nude Estee Lauder lipstick at Belk. What I love about this shade is that it looks so natural. You almost can’t even tell that its on but it gives you a great natural pink-tinted shine while also adding a plump volume to your lip.

Its been surprisingly warm up here in Boone so I’ve been able to extend my dress-wearing just a bit longer. I knew I wanted to wear this t shirt dress just one more time so I paired it with my “Hunter” black, white, and red Rails shirt to spice the look up with a pop of color. I love how you can create so many different looks with Rails shirts because they are all such classic pieces. I accessorized this look with my black hat, and gold monogram necklace, watch, and bracelet stack. Notice my new white-neutral stone Bourbon and Boweties addition, I’m in love! There are so many choices available at Darci & Co. perfect for any style. I finished this look off with my lace up red flats that I got from Lulus. Lulus is my go-to when I’m searching for trendy, affordable shoes, you guys should seriously check them out! On my lips I’m wearing the Russian Red Matte lipstick by MAC, and I just got this Brow Now pencil for my brows in light brown and I’m loving it! I didn’t know this, but apparently blondes are supposed to go 2 shades darker in brow color, and brunettes are supposed to go two shades lighter? I guess you learn something new in the world of makeup and beauty products every day!

So I’m going to start posting vlogs (video blogs) of my day to day life on my snapchat and hopefully start to make videos to add to my Youtube channel! So if you want to see updates on new arrivals for my favorite shopping destinations, latest fashion posts, and my lifestyle you can follow me on snapchat to keep up with that! My snapchat name is kellzzzzzz (with 6 z’s) I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of vlogging and I can’t wait to hear you guy’s feedback. Thanks so much for checking out my site, if you have any comments or questions please comment below or email me at delightfullydujour@gmail.com. Have a wonderful day everyone, stay delightful!





French Braids, Winged Eyeliner, and Skier Sweaters!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015




//Sweater//Quilted Panel Leggings//

//Gigi New York Bag// Watch// Necklace Option 1//

//Necklace Option 2//Earrings//Lipstick

//Nail Polish//

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an awesome week. I’m still on Christmas break, and I’m starting to get a little stir crazy here at home so I’m taking a spontaneous trip to the “Sunshine State” for the rest of my break! Ah, I just can’t wait to be soaking up the rays with messy beach hair! I also can’t wait to mix it up a little and post a few warm weather winter outfits, so stay tuned for those coming soon.

So I got this awesome J. Crew sweater for Christmas and I can’t get enough of it! (shoutout to my aunt Jen for having great taste!)  I wore this look for New Years, and it was absolutely perfect for walking around downtown and kept me super warm! I just love how wintery this sweater looks but I decided it needed a little something so I spiced it up with a black statement necklace. I finished this look off with my panel leather leggings, black ankle booties, Gigi New York Taylor Tote, and my Michael Kors two toned watch.

Winged eyeliner, or the “Cat Eye”… something we all pin on Pinterest and hope to do one day, but once we try it we bust out the make up removers! The thing I’ve realized is, theres no  specific way to do it. I’ve watched tons of youtube videos trying to figure it out and finally I’ve just decided to be creative and figure it out on my own. It takes some time, and a sturdy hand, but don’t worry guys, its possible! The eyeliner I use is MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and its really great for making that flip on the end. It also makes it really easy to darken in the line as much as you need. I like to start from the outside in because I feel that really helps to gauge how thick I want my inside lid liner to be. I aim my line up towards the end of my brow, and stop at my preferred length. (medium) I then fill that line in so it makes a triangle that angles towards my bottom lid. I then fill the liner into my preferred thickness. The Mac liner I use really shapes the “wing” on its own, thats why I love it so much.

French braids! A classic look, but also easy for those gross hair days where you want it out of your face! I usually wait a few days to wash my hair after I do it, so this is a great go-to look for the days that my hair is just not working for me! For this look I take the front section of my hair, usually the short used-to-be bang pieces. I part my hair down the middle and then I part the braided part to the side in which I want the braid to face. You can really create this look with any length, but I suggest less hair for the braid section the longer the length so your braid doesn’t get too thick. All you need are two or three bobby pins, and a clear hair tie as seen in “Let’s Get Fancy Ladies, a Formal Look for the Holidays!”

I start by pinning the part of my hair that I’m not braiding back with a bobby pin so I don’t get that hair mixed into the braid. Then I separate the part that I’m braiding into three sections. I then separate those sections into even smaller sections and begin the braid at the top of my part (side part). I start with the back section (A) and begin to  braid that over the middle (B) and then put the front section (C) over the middle section (B). I like starting my braid with the back section because I think that makes for a much cleaner smoother look. I continue that (ABC) pattern and begin to add the additional pieces to the braid to give it that french look. Finally, when I finish my braid I tie it with one of the clear hair ties. I then pin the braid underneath my hair with one or two bobby pins. This can also be a little tricky to secure so I usually do one bobby pin facing up, and then one facing down. I then unpin the unbraided section and there you go! You’ve got yourself a french braid!

Thanks so much for stopping by my site guys! It means everything to me! Please comment below or email me at delightfullydujour@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns! Also, stay tuned for some warm weather outfit posts coming soon this week! Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for stopping by!






Let’s Get Fancy Ladies, A Formal Look for the Holidays!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Hey guys! So today I did my mom’s hair and make up for a ball that she is going to tonight. I’m going to walk you guys through her look and I’ll give you my outfit and makeup details as well. I’m going to start off with the hair first. We decided to go with a simple sock bun because her dress had a really high neckline. All you need to complete this look are some bobby pins, clear rubber band hair ties, and a sock. You can get all of these items at your local drugstore!


First, cut the sock into a tube. I like to use a long men’s sock for this because it makes for a lot thicker bun. So go ahead ladies, sneak a one of your guy’s socks from his drawer…I’m sure he won’t mind hehe!


Depending on how high you want your bun is how high you will tie your pony. Keep in mind that the longer the hair the bigger the bun, so if you want to have some space in between your hair line and the bun you will probably want to tie your pony further back. My mom has very long thick hair, so we tied her pony right on the crown of her head. Next we put the sock around her pony. If you want to include the braid like we did, take a small portion of the hair, long enough to wrap around the sock and leave it out of the sock away from the rest of the pony.

Start to push the hair from the pony around the sock. This can be a little tricky at first, but just keep messing with it and wrapping it around until the sock is completely covered. Tuck any flyaways in around the bun, and then put one of the clear rubber band hair ties around it to hold the bun in place. If you decided to include the braid in on this look, wrap it around the bun and secure it with a bobby pin. You can also secure your bun with some extra bobby pins! Spray your new do down and you’re done!


Now lets get to the makeup!

Make up set up

//Naked 3 Palette// Michael Kors Makeup Bag// Chanel Liquid Foundation//

// Loren Hope Bracelets//Anthropologie Earrings//Earring Option 2//Elephant Candle Holder//

//Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Palette// Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette//


Look how pretty my mama is!!! This is her with ONLY foundation on, she doesn’t need make up to look beautiful, but of course we are gonna do her up for a freakin’ ball! She used the Chanel liquid foundation in the picture above!


//LANCOME Brow Pencil (Sable)//Smashbox Vivid Violet (Lipstick I’m Wearing)//

Before I do anything with the eyes, I like to shape the brows. Without a good brow shape the eyes can really be made to look smaller, so this is super important! Luckily, my mama has very nice brows already so they were easy to shape. We used the Lancome brow pencil in brown. Remember ladies, the arch should be lined with your pupil, if you line your eyebrow pencil with your nose your brow should start even with your pencil, and it should end even with your pencil when lined diagonally from your nose to the end of your brow!


For the eyes we decided on the Naked 3 Palette. I know I blog about this palette in almost every post, but I really can’t get enough of it! Its the perfect mix of dramatic and natural rose tones. For my mom’s look, I first started off covering the entire eye from lid to brow with the first color “Strange” using the fluffy side of the brush that comes with the palette. This is a really great neutral base color so I use it all the time even if I’m not using any other colors from this palette. Next I covered the lid with the color “Burnout” using the same fluffy side of the brush. I find that if I wet the brush and dab this color on it appears MUCH more shimmery and shiny. I then lined the crease with the color “Nooner” using the stiff side of the brush. This color is also a really nice neutral. It blends so nicely and its just dramatic enough for the crease without being too dark!


 Next, I started to make a triangle on the outside of the lid with the color “Mugshot” with the same stiff side of the Naked brush. This gives a dramatic winged look and really extends the eye. After that I filled that triangle in with the color “Trick” to blend the lid color into the “wing” that I previously created using the fluffy side of the brush. Next I took a different blending brush and used the color “Dust” to lightly blend the colors together also adding some extra shimmer on top.


Next the lips! My mom’s dress was red so we decided to use a really simple natural look for the lips. I used A light pink liner called “Native” by Urban Decay, and then used the matching Lipstick, also called “Native” to color in the lips. I then dabbed the Marvelous Moxie lipgloss by Bare Minerals called “Buttercream” to give her lips a final glossy look.

//Lip Liner (Native) // Lipstick (Native) // Lipgloss (Buttercream)//

Can I get a drumroll for the final look!?!?



How beautiful is she!? Below are the links to my outfit and her dress!

//Nicole Miller Dress (Red)//My Sweater//Poppy Gem Tia Necklace

//Leggings//Boots (Not Shown)//Watch//Ring (40% Off)//

I used the Naked 3 Palette on my eyes as well. Poppy Gem is also having a giveaway for the Tia necklace I’m wearing! Visit there Instagram @Poppy_Gem for the details! Also I’m having my Christmas giveaway so visit the my last few posts for the clues! Comment below or email me at delightfullydujour@gmail.com with your guess and any other comments or concerns! Thanks for stopping by my site guys, stay tuned for more posts and tutorials!



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