Pumpkin, pumpkin, you’re so sweet!

Thursday, October 30th, 2014




Hey Guys! So yes, I may have been a little late to visit the pumpkin patch this fall season because it was closed and my sister and I had to casually walk around the gate and sneak in to get these pictures! We may or may not have taken a little souvenir with us hehe. But seriously, what’s up with closing a pumpkin patch two days before Halloween!?

Well anyway, as the cold weather approaches I’m trying to take advantage of any warm weather I can get. Where I live it stays cold for a longer portion of the year which I don’t really mind because I love winter clothes (and skiing), but I still try to take advantage of the warmer days by mixing dresses with boots and a vest for a trendy look that conveys the transition from fall to winter.

This forest green vest is awesome, you can mix and match it with so much whether it’s a dress and boots or a sweater with jeans! It’s a really cute neutral item, which is awesome for us college girls on a budget. Who wants clothes that you can’t wear more than once anyway!? I’m definitely going to be getting a lot of wear out of this vest for the rest of the fall season into winter! I got this vest at Impressions Boutique, one of my favorite places to shop. It’s located in Fayetteville, Arizona but luckily they have an amazing website that is super easy to navigate along with an awesome staff that helps you with any shipping or return issues that you may have. This exact vest is no longer on the site but they have a very similar one right now. The only difference is that the hood is furry which is even better now that it’s getting so chilly! You can find that vest here. The striped dress that I’m wearing is an older item from Billabong that is also no longer being sold but I found a very similar one at Lulu’s. You can get that dress here.

So I just got my Hunter boots a few months ago and they are awesome. They match with just about anything and they are super convenient and cute for rainy gross days. The only thing is that you definitely need to break them in before you wear them for a long period of time otherwise they will give you major blisters! Coming from someone who experienced that first hand walking all the way across campus! OUCH. These boots are a tad bit expensive but they are definitely quality and worth every penny in my opinion. You can get these boots here!

Adding accessories can be essential to pulling an outfit together. Without the jewelry, glasses, and the bag that I added, this outfit would have been very bland. Trust me, I know it can be hard to accessorize at times but things don’t always have to match perfectly. It’s in right now to mix and match different looks and that’s what makes your style your own anyway! The necklace I’m wearing is a chunky gold chain that I love and wear so much. I got it from Nordstrom a while back so this exact one is no longer in stock but I found a very similar one also from Nordstrom and you can find it here. The ring I’m wearing is one that I got from Nordstrom Rack and you can get it here.

I love my Tory Burch aviator glasses, I wear them ALL THE TIME because they match with anything and can be casual or dressy! Although these glasses are a little bit pricey they are totally worth it and they last very well as long as you keep them in the case and take good care of them. I got them about a year ago at Sunglasses Hut and they are no longer selling them there but I found them at Macy’s so you can get them here! The bag I used for today is a Longchamp Paris Le Pliage tote bag. I find this bag to be an essential for girls in college! It matches with everything and it’s so durable! This is the second Longchamp tote I’ve had, my first one was the beige color so it got dirty a little easier than my current one. I have a feeling this one will last even longer because it’s black, so I would recommend the darker colors like black or navy blue. Get this awesome bag here!

Lastly, I wanted to let you guys in on the lipstick I’m wearing. I got it last week but I’ve literally worn it every day since then, I’m in love! It’s a light pink color from MAC and it’s so soft and feminine looking. It’s called Snob and you can get it here!

Well that is all for today’s pumpkin patch look! I hope you guys had a great Wednesday and have a safe and happy Halloween! Thanks for checking out my site and stay tuned for more posts and tutorials coming soon!



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