Neon Tribal Sweaters for Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 27th, 2014


Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving! I’m super full and about pass out into a food coma so I’m going to make this one short and quick hehe. I matched my neon tribal print cardigan with a black blouse, black leggings/pants, camel colored lucky brand ankle booties, and I used my royal tan Tory Burch Amanda clutch without the strap. For my jewelry I wore my new yellow Poppy Gem necklace, gold basket ring, black fossil watch, and my double sided pearl earrings. For my eyes I used my Music City palette by Adventure, on my lips I used Peachy Scene by Maybelline, the nail polish I’m wearing is Double Breasted Jacket from the new Essie winter collection 2014, and for my hair I used my Chi Ionic hair straightener as a curling iron. I’m going to give you guys the option of the cardigan I’m wearing and another one with a little bit of a different color scheme. The necklace I’m wearing is out of stock so I’m going to post a similar option to the one I’m wearing and a different necklace from Poppy Gem that matches the second cardigan option. I want to support Poppy Gem because they are fairly new and have such great quality jewelry for such amazing prices. Check out the links below to  make this look on your own!

//Cardigan Option 1//Cardigan Option 2//Blouse//Pants//Boots//

//Necklace Option 1//Clutch//

//Poppy Gem Necklace for Cardigan 2 (PINK)//Ring//Watch//Earrings//

//Eye Palette// Lipstick// Nail Polish//

Today I am so thankful for all of my readers who have supported me so much with starting my blog. It hasn’t been easy so your support means everything to me! As always, I would love to hear from you so please comment below or email me at Thanks again guys and I hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!



The Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite Girl

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.41.08 PM

Hey guys! With Black Friday and the holidays coming up, now is the best time to find great deals for gifts! I’ve put together a few items that are great for your best friend, sister, mother, daughter or any other special lady in your life.

1.  Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

This item is really great for any girl with a super busy schedule. The agenda itself is huge, has a great calendar for the beginning of each month and so much space to write what each day consists of. Free shipping on all Lilly items until December 25th and guaranteed delivery within 5 days!

2. Monogram Necklace

I LOVE these monogram necklaces. I think they are such a great accessory for any outfit. My personal favorite is the gold but it also comes in rose gold and silver!

3. Monopoly Leather Backpack

Backpacks are usually so hard to make stylish but with this one it’s not a problem. It’s not too big and bulky but just big enough to fit what you need in it. My favorite color is black but it also comes in camel, mustard, mint, and grey. For a limited time get this backpack 25% off!

4. Tory Burch Tortoise Hardshell Iphone 5 Case

As you guys probably already know, I’m pretty obsessed with anything Tory Burch. This is a really cute gift for a girlfriend or sister to accessorize her best friend…her phone! Just kidding, but really this is a super cute gift. Complimentary gift packaging is even included for any Tory purchase, just select what wrapping you want at checkout!

5. Kate Spade Sparkle Stud Earrings

These cute little studs will sass any look up for the holidays! The link above leads to Macy’s where you can shop Black Friday sales online from Thanksgiving day to Saturday and most Macy’s stores open at 6 PM Thanksgiving day! Ready, Set, SHOP!!!

6. Black Faux Fur Vest

I’m lovin’ how all of this faux fur is back in! I’m not really into real fur because I would feel bad wearing it, so the fact that faux fur is so in and so much less expensive is great! This item is also a really easy item to shop for size wise so create a great look for your special lady by gifting her this awesome winter accessory.

7. Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette

Help your special lady spice up her makeup look with this limited edition Bobbi Brown Lip and Eye Palette! For most girls, you can’t go wrong with makeup and all of these colors are so natural but also very shimmery so they are great for party season! They are also great for day and night so it’s a very useful gift for your everyday makeup lover!

8. Dior MOHOTANI Cat Eye Sunglasses

Another trend that has come back in that I’m loving, cat eye sunglasses! These are a little pricey so they would be a great gift for that “big” present for your favorite gal. If you’re on a bit of a budget look for the second cheaper option below.

Sunglasses Option 2 (50% off!)

9. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Zebra Watch

Let your fav girl take a walk on the wild side with this exotic watch. I love when Michael Kors brings out personality through his watches and this is exactly what this one does. A risky buy, yes. Is it worth it?….OF COURSE! Not to mention this watch was marked down almost 100 bucks!

10. Gigi New York All in One Wristlet

This is a great accessory to gift your favorite girl for the holidays! You can create a casual or dressy look with this little wristlet and it will fit all of your necessities for a night out on the town. It’s also slim enough to fit into your purse as a wallet, 2 in 1, YES!

11. T-logo Pearl Cuff

This is a super cute simple accessory for your special lady. It’s a very pretty sculpting little cuff and you can mix and match, or stack it with another bracelet or a watch. Super cute! Like I said, in my previous Tory product description, free gift wrapping, just pick out what wrapping you want at checkout!

12. Naomi Double Ring

I love these new double rings I just think they are so pretty and feminine. Gift your special lady with this awesome ring and she won’t be able to take it off!


I hope this gift guide will help you find the perfect present for your favorite girl! Thanks for checking out my site, it means the world to me! To contact me comment below or email me at Thanks again guys!






Camo, Coach, and A Pair of Heels Can Fix Anything…Right?

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Hey there everyone! I hope you guys are having an awesome Monday! Hopefully it’s a little less rainy and gross wherever you are! So whenever I’m having a super busy day and don’t have much time to eat I usually go to subway. It’s not really fast food and there is one right across from where I live, so its a quick, easy, and semi-healthy option. Today while I was standing in line there was an older woman and her husband next to me, joking around and being playful about the flatbread pizza, or “Flatizza” she was ordering.

The wife had on an unusual amount of bangles, and while they were super pretty I just didn’t know why she had quite so many on. Because I was curious (and maybe a little bit nosey hehe), I said, “Hey I really like your bracelets!” She said thank you and told me that she and her husband add a bracelet to the collection every year that they’re married. She then said, “and we’re still adding!” with a glow in her eyes that basically said, “he has given me butterflies since the first day I met him,” and the way that her husband looked at her proved that they would be adding bracelets for many many years to come.

Love is ageless, so look for that person that you can see yourself growing old with, the person that’s your best friend and your lover, the person that’s always on your side no matter what. You’ll know when you find them because you’ll feel like you’ve known them your whole life and you’ll never have to pretend to be anything or anyone but yourself when you’re with them. Look for someone who brings out the best in you but can also handle you at your worst. Look for someone that feels like home.

So, because my little love story was kinda long I’m gonna make the description of this look a little shorter. I kept it simple with my camo blouse and Madewell jeans. I added a pair of nude heels but I will also give you taller ladies who don’t like heels a flats option. I wore my silver hoop necklace which is no longer available so I’ll also give you guys another option for that. I mixed it with my two tone Michael Kors watch, gold basket ring, my single gold daisy bangle, and my double sided pearl earrings. To top this look off I carried my Coach Poppy Tote. For my hair I used my Chi Ionic straightener as a curling iron, for my eyes I used my Adventure eye palette called Music City, and for my lips I used Maybelline’s color Fuchsia Fever. Check out the links below so you can recreate this look on your own!

//Ring//Necklace//Sunflower Bangle//Watch//Earrings//

//Bag//Jeans//Blouse//Heels//Flats Option//Eye Shadow//Lipstick//

//CHI Ionic Hair Straightener//

If you’re looking for a holiday dress Saks Fifth Avenue is having 60% off of all party-ready dresses! For you early Christmas present shoppers, Kate Spade is dong 25% off of your entire purchase and H&M is doing 50% off of sweaters. Hurry and catch these deals because they don’t last much longer!

Thanks for stopping by my site guys! It really means so much, and I really do love to hear from you!! Comment below or email me at! Thanks again, I hope you guys have an awesome week!



Flannels, Flats, and Puffer Vests!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014


Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an amazing day! The weather was beautiful here today it just doesn’t seem real. We are in November right?! Hey, I’m definitely not complaining because this gives me a great opportunity to debut this outfit without having to wear a puffy jacket over it whenever I’m outside.

So with the outfit I did a little bit of pattern mixing. I’ve decided that I think this is the best look for this Puffer vest. At first I thought it would look best with just a simple black sweater underneath but now I am definitely convinced that adding another pattern and bright color really completed the look. I lined the collar of my flannel with a black and gold necklace to accessorize the look along with my black Fossil watch and gold basket ring. I’m carrying my black Longchamp tote which is definitely the most convenient and durable handbag I’ve ever had. I’m tellin’ ya this thing has made it through a hurricane! Well, not really but almost. Hehe.  I completed my look with my Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flats and I can’t tell you how much wear I have gotten out of these shoes. I have had them for about 2 years now and they have stayed in mint condition the whole time, and that’s saying something coming from me, the college student who has trekked quite a ways in these amazing little shoes. Hey, you’ve gotta stay looking cute no matter what the conditions are right!? Well these are the shoes that make that possible!

For my eyes I used the Naked 3 Palette which I love, it has so many natural colors that are especially great for pictures. For my lips I tried the two toning that everyone has been talking about. On my top lip I used the color that I’ve mentioned several times, SNOB by MAC. For my bottom lip I used this hot pink Maybelline color called Fuchsia Fever and you can just get that from your local drugstore! For my curls I used my Chi Ionic hair straightener.


//MAC Lipstick//Maybelline Lipstick//Eye Color//

I hope you guys continue to have an awesome week and a safe weekend. Here are two of my favorite things from the week. Thanks for stopping by my site!!!




Red lipstick and blanket scarves!

Sunday, November 9th, 2014



Hey guys! I hope you have had an awesome weekend. With the busy week that I had last week I definitely needed this little break, and after spending a little time up at my family’s mountain house I feel very refreshed and ready to attack a new week. I’ve definitely decided that there is nothing that a little family time can’t fix!

So anyway, I’ve finally accepted that winter is here, and as you can see I’ve started to break out my pants, jackets, sweaters, and scarves. You guys have probably seen these blanket scarves all over Instagram and once I got mine I finally realized why. Not only are they cute but they really are like a blanket; warm and soft. They are also super colorful and match with so much. I decided to pair it with a bright red sweater, a navy blue parka, white jeans (pssshh no white after Labor Day, yeah right!), and nude flats. I simply accessorized my look with my Tory Burch aviator sunglasses and my silver Claddagh ring. This outfit didn’t need too many accessories because there is so much coverage and the blanket scarf, so I kept it simple.

If you guys don’t know what a Claddagh ring is, heres a little description. The Claddagh ring  is a traditional Irish ring given which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty). When the hands that hold the heart are angled towards the girl, that means she is taken, when the heart faces out, the girl is single. So this ring actually has pretty cool meaning and I really do cherish it. My dad and I took a trip to Charleston every year to spend a little “daddy-daughter time” and he got this ring for me at the Charleston city markets! My Claddagh ring is not only something that is sentimental to me, but it’s also cute and has a pretty cool meaning to it.

I’m wearing the Bobbi Brown Luxe Pallete on my eyes, for my lips I am wearing the Russian Red lipstick by MAC, and on my nails I have OPI’s color Cajun Shrimp. I am going to post the items that I have on and if the item is out of stock I am going to find the most similar thing to it. This look is really great for the holidays so check it out!


//Eyeshadow//Lipstick// Nail Color//Scarf//Sweater//Jacket//White Jeans//Flats//



Check out Steve Madden shoes ASAP because the “Why Wait For Black Friday?” sale is going on! 20% off of orders 100$ and up and 25% off of orders 125$ and up plus free shipping! Use the code WHYWAIT at checkout! (exclusions apply)

So that is it for my red lips and blanket scarf look! For those of you who have a busy stressful week ahead here’s a quote that I really like to read when I’m worried and stressed!

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.” -Eckhart Tolle

This quote is so very true! Don’t let worry overwhelm you, you can do whatever it is that is causing you stress, so just relax and get it done. Questioning yourself on how your stress and worry really serves you will help you let it go.

So on that note, have an awesome stress-free beginning to your week! Thanks again for checking out my page!






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