Delightfully Du Jour Spring Break Edition: Brought to You by Darci & Co.

Friday, February 27th, 2015

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Hey guys! For this post I collaborated with Darci & Company to create a spring break “destination” look for a few different spring break getaways. Darci and Company, located in Boone North Carolina,  just welcomed their Spring Collection and I can’t get enough of it! The quality of clothing isn’t the only part of Darci & Co. that exceeds the customer’s expectations. The boutique also has an extremely welcoming atmosphere that invites you in immediately, not to mention their selection is impeccable. You really can’t lose with Darci & Co. They have great service and offer online shopping for those of you who don’t live near Boone! I aimed to make all of these looks seasonally transitional because Darci & Co.’s style is classic and many of these pieces can be worn throughout the seasons. Whether you’re planning to beach it, hit the slopes, or have a relaxing week at home, Darci & Co. has a spring break look for any occasion!

“Airports see the most sincere kisses” : Travel Style


//Tee // Tee Option 2// Leggings//

//Flats (Similar)//Bag //Lipstick (Lady Danger)//


“Airports see the most sincere kisses” (Travel Style) : Nobody wants to be uncomfortable when they are waiting for that three hour layover, but keeping it cute at the airport isn’t hard with these awesome Darci and Co. comfy tees! What I love about these shirts is that you can dress them up or down so easily. Just slap on some lipstick, a statement necklace, some cute flats, and wa-lah! You’ve got yourself a cute and comfy look for the airport.

South Beach Strollin’ 


//Dress//Shoes (Similar)//Shoes Option 2//Clutch (Similar) //Necklace//

//Earrings//Lipstick (Peachy Scene)//

South Beach Strollin’: The South Beach Strollin’ dress is a must have for spring break! This gorgeous mint dress is great for any occasion whether its a lunch date or a shopping trip. I loved how nicely this dress draped over my shoulders and forearms and made for a subtle 70’s, flower child type look.

Take Me to Cabo


//Pants// Tank (Similar) // Darci & Co. Necklace Option //Necklace Option 2//

(Shoes, lipstick, watch, and clutch are the same as the first look)

Take Me to Cabo: Ah, these pants! I’m so in love with them. They are literally the most comfortable pants ever and they are the perfect fabric for warm weather. I paired them with a simple white tank, and tied it together with the necklace, lipstick, heels, and clutch.  These pants are a classic piece that will make a statement in your spring and summer wardrobe for years to come. They are going fast so get them while you can!

A Week in Aspen


//Vest// Top// Pants// Boots//Boots Option 2// Bag//

//Lipstick (Saint Germain)//Watch// Necklace (Similar)//

A Week in Aspen: This pink vest is perfect for a chilly spring break getaway! It’s super cute, soft, and warm. I paired this vest with a black comfy tee, white jeans, and black ankle booties. The necklace I’m wearing is only available as a Rocksbox member but I posted one thats very similar. Rock the ski lodge in this Pop of Pink vest!

A Boulevard Called SunsetDSC_0164DSC_0165DSC_0160

//Top// Necklace// Scarf (Contact Store) // Scarf (Similar)// Sandals//

// Bag (Similar) //Lipstick (Candy YumYum)//

(Pants and watch are listed above in previous looks)

A Boulevard Called Sunset: I’m obsessed with this mint top! It’s so comfy and light and it also comes in yellow and turquoise. I loved how Darci & Co. styled this top with a hot pink scarf and mint jewelry set. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, and these tops are also super comfy for those travel days.

If you have any questions or comments you can comment below or email me at If you liked this post you can share it through the social media icons below or on the sidebar! Also, don’t forget to check out Darci & Company’s complete collections on their site! Thanks again for visiting Delightfully Du Jour, and have a safe and happy weekend!

Stay Delightful!



Be Mine! 3 Valentine’s Day Looks That Will Fit Any Occasion! XOXO!

Monday, February 9th, 2015


Look #1: Casual Date

Shirt// Scarf (Similar) // Scarf (Similar) // Jeans  // Boots // Bag //

Earrings (Similar) // Watch // Lipstick (Candy Yum Yum) //

Look #2: Semi-Dressy

Blazer (Similar) // Blazer (Similar) // Sweater // Leggings (Similar) // Boots // Necklace // Watch

Look #3: Dressy

Coat // Dress (Similar) // Dress (Similar) // Heels // Bag //

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a great start to your February. I have been totally swamped with school so that is why I have been MIA. Now that I’m back I thought I should give you guys a little Valentine’s surprise for being such loyal readers, so above are three  Valentine’s Day looks! The first is a casual look, the second is a bit more dressy, and the third is a formal night out look. Some of the items in these looks are sold out but I found items as close as I could to match them.

 We all have that love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. If you have someone special to share it with it’s new and exciting, or even traditional if you’ve been in a long-term relationship. But for some reason if you are single it is automatically assumed that you are supposed to mope around in your pajamas, watching Netflix, and eating cupcakes. I mean hey, if that is what makes you feel good then go for it, but if it doesn’t DON’T spend your day like that. I like to look at Valentine’s Day as a day of love not only for others, but for yourself. There is someone out there for everyone, and while it may seem like you are the only one that’s alone, you’re not! Use this time to pamper, discover, and most of all love yourself, because when the time comes that you do meet someone special, you can give that same love and appreciation to them. So if you do happen to be alone on this Valentine’s Day do something for yourself. Go buy a new outfit, get a mani/pedi, or get a good workout in. Dress up and go out with your other single friends and dance the night away. Trust me you won’t regret it! Like Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

If you do happen to have Valentine this year, here are a few ideas for some last minute gifts for those hard to shop for guys!

1. “Open When” Envelopes: This is a sweet and surprising gift for your guy that will keep your relationship exciting for weeks after Valentine’s Day. Write letters labeled on the envelope as “Open when you’re stressed” or “Open when you’re feeling lonely” or “Open when you miss me” etc. It’s super sweet and thoughtful, and I’m sure it would mean so much more than a box of chocolates!

2. Food: Okay, we’ve all heard that food is the way to a man’s heart and well, the truth is, it is! Cook your guy a home cooked meal or get creative with some of these recipes below.

Bacon Roses

Cherry Heart Pie

Valentine’s Day Blondies

3. Gift Basket: Fill a basket with your man’s favorite candy, snacks, drinks, games, and maybe a CD, gift card, or movie! It will mean a lot to him that you remembered all of his favorite things!

4. Date Night Coupon Book: This is a super cute idea and also keeps your relationship exciting for weeks and even months after Valentine’s day! The link I posted is a printable “love coupon” book but you could always make your own and combine some of those ideas and your own to make it a little bit more personal!

5. 52 Reasons Why I Like/Love You: Get a deck of cards and write a reason why you like/love your boyfriend on the back of each card, then make it into a little booklet!

I hope some of these ideas help you guys to have the best Valentine’s Day ever, and remember if you don’t have a Valentine there is always one person to love and that person is yourself! If you have any comments or questions leave a comment below or email me at! Also, if you like this post you can share it through the social media icons below or on the sidebar! Thanks for stopping by my site guys, have a happy and safe Valentines Day!

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