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Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


//Rails Shirt//Jeans (Similar)//Gold Hoops//Boots//Mantraband//Alex and Ani//Watch(On SALE!)//

//Eye Palette//Lipstick(Discreet)//Iphone 6 Case(Fits Iphone 6s)//Ring(Similar)//


//T-shirt Dress//Rails Shirt//Lace-up Flats//Lipstick(Russian Red)//

//Brow Pencil(Light Brown)//Necklace//Bourbon and Boweties Bracelet//

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an amazing week! I’ve decided to start posting my Instagram outfits up on the blog so you can easily find the items on my most recent posts. This fall I am loving Rails shirts, I can’t get enough of them. Not only are they great quality, but the comfort level of these shirts is unbeatable. For my first look I paired my light vintage denim Rails shirt with my favorite destroyed grey wash jeans from Abercrombie. These jeans aren’t available at this time so I posted a link to a very similar pair above. I accessorized this look with my favorite gold hoops, some gold arm candy, and a cute little blue cocktail ring that I received in my last Rocksbox shipment. Side note about the gold hoops- they are super light so they don’t pull down on your earlobes. I have very delicate ears due to many years of wearing heavy earrings and these don’t bother me at all! I finished this look off with my “Toffee” Lucky Brand booties which are so unbelievably easy to slip on not to mention super comfortable. I just recently snagged this nude Estee Lauder lipstick at Belk. What I love about this shade is that it looks so natural. You almost can’t even tell that its on but it gives you a great natural pink-tinted shine while also adding a plump volume to your lip.

Its been surprisingly warm up here in Boone so I’ve been able to extend my dress-wearing just a bit longer. I knew I wanted to wear this t shirt dress just one more time so I paired it with my “Hunter” black, white, and red Rails shirt to spice the look up with a pop of color. I love how you can create so many different looks with Rails shirts because they are all such classic pieces. I accessorized this look with my black hat, and gold monogram necklace, watch, and bracelet stack. Notice my new white-neutral stone Bourbon and Boweties addition, I’m in love! There are so many choices available at Darci & Co. perfect for any style. I finished this look off with my lace up red flats that I got from Lulus. Lulus is my go-to when I’m searching for trendy, affordable shoes, you guys should seriously check them out! On my lips I’m wearing the Russian Red Matte lipstick by MAC, and I just got this Brow Now pencil for my brows in light brown and I’m loving it! I didn’t know this, but apparently blondes are supposed to go 2 shades darker in brow color, and brunettes are supposed to go two shades lighter? I guess you learn something new in the world of makeup and beauty products every day!

So I’m going to start posting vlogs (video blogs) of my day to day life on my snapchat and hopefully start to make videos to add to my Youtube channel! So if you want to see updates on new arrivals for my favorite shopping destinations, latest fashion posts, and my lifestyle you can follow me on snapchat to keep up with that! My snapchat name is kellzzzzzz (with 6 z’s) I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of vlogging and I can’t wait to hear you guy’s feedback. Thanks so much for checking out my site, if you have any comments or questions please comment below or email me at Have a wonderful day everyone, stay delightful!





“Seasons change, leaves let go, roots deepen, and the tree grows.”

Saturday, October 10th, 2015


//Dress (Similar)//Booties (Similar)//Booties (Less than andalf the price!)//

//Hat (Similar)//Bag//Necklace (Similar)// Bracelet 1//Bracelet 2 (Similar)//

//Watch//Sunnies//Lipstick (Vivid Violet)//

Hey there! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Aside from Hurricane Joaquin, this fall weather has been amazing! We are getting well into October and its still so beautiful out, I can’t get enough of it. As I squeeze in the last of my dress-wearing before it gets too cold, I knew this Hunter Green skater dress would be on my what-to-wear list. I got it on sale at Forever 21 last year and never had the chance to wear it because it was already cold, so this year I broke it back out to create a look for you guys! Unfortunately this exact dress is no longer available but I posted one extremely similar to it in the link above. I paired this dress with my favorite Lucky Brand booties and tied them together with my cognac Nine West handbag. I accessorized this look with Loren Hope and Perry Street jewelry that I received from Rocksbox, but some of these items are only available if you are a Rocksbox member so I posted links to some similar pieces above. I topped this look off with a black floppy hat, a pair of cat eye sunnies, and my favorite fall lipstick color “Vivid Violet” by Smashbox, lined with Mauve Revlon lip liner.

With Delightfully Du Jour’s one year anniversary approaching I’ve been looking back on the past year, remembering all of the good times and learning experiences I’ve had. This time last year I had little to no experience with web design, well, other than my myspace page in 7th grade (Who else spent hours trying to find the right song/layout!?). I knew I loved fashion, and I knew that writing came pretty easily to me. I honestly had no idea that the blog would last a year, or even a month for that matter. But I decided to start it anyway, and this was a big step for me because at the time taking risks wasn’t really my thing. I had my little bubble, and I was comfortable in it. But what I realized is that “comfortable” isn’t always realistic, and no matter what aspect of life you apply it to, settling for “comfortable” will never feel right. So I went out on a limb and started the blog because I no longer wanted to settle for the comfort zone that I had grown to know and love. With that being said, I hit MANY roadblocks when I first started designing the blog. It took me countless nights staying up until 3am staring at my computer screen trying to fix a tiny detail. I researched, read what seemed like a million forums, practiced, and accidentally deleted things I had worked on for hours. While I still have some additions I would like to make to the site in the coming year, I can definitely say I’m happy with where it stands, and that it was because of my discomfort at certain times that I have reached this point.

Having the ability to view hard times and complications as stepping stones in life will get you much further than wallowing in your comfort zone. If you have a dream, go for it. Don’t sit back and let life swallow you into the norm when you can be EXTRAORDINARY. You’ll have bricks thrown at you along the way, and sometimes it will seem like none of it is worth it, but once you get past those difficulties and look back on your experience, you will realize how worth it all of your hard work, time, effort, and struggle was. We were never meant to sit stagnant in our own lives. Just like the leaves on the trees, we were meant to grow and change. Sure, we may experience some harsh winters that leave us frozen and cold, but spring will come and we will begin to bloom. There may be times where it feels like the pressure or heat that is forced upon us is unbearable, but we will begin to notice as the days grow shorter and the nights get cooler, and our colors will be vibrant and alive. Don’t let any amount of comfort take progress and success away from you. You are capable of anything, so go for it without looking back and tackle the impossible. I promise you won’t regret it!

Thank you guys so much for checking out Delightfully Du Jour. I hope you have an amazing weekend! If you have any comments or questions email me at or comment below. Thanks again for checking out my site, stay delightful!



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