The Parent Trap on Steroids & How to Slay the World with Blue Hair: My Latest Netflix and Music Addictions

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

rompershoes / clutch / necklace / hat (similar) /

Hey guys! I hope you had an awesome weekend, killer Monday, and that you enjoyed the eclipse. I didn’t have the glasses so I watched it on TV but it was still cool! It wasn’t completely dark here in Florida because the sun was only covered 86 percent, but the sky did go dim and everything was still and quiet. It was strange but peaceful. It kind of felt like the craziness of the world stopped for a second and everything was in sync. Have you guys seen the movie Click with Adam Sandler? I had a moment where time was paused and I felt like I was going to walk inside and see my family frozen lol! Ohhhh the pranks I would play…..(insert sly face emoji)

Anyway, I got this romper from Lola Chiq boutique and it’s safe to say this store will be my weakness now that it’s only miles away. It’s located in Palm Beach Gardens and I swear guys, everything is so cute I wish I could have it all. Check out their Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about! I shot this look in downtown Abacoa, where I think I will spend a lot time once I finish my real estate course. It’s clean, updated, has a few cute restaurants, stores, and bars, and is just an overall a pretty area. We ate at Jumby Bay after the shoot, and it was really good! The menu has a wide variety of items, including salads and healthy options. I got the Summer Salad and it was on point! I’m excited to get a lot more exploring done once I have more time. I can’t wait to fill you guys in on all the ins and outs of this beautiful city!

So, I don’t have a lot of time to watch Netflix anymore, but sometimes at night I’ll watch it before I go to bed. I started this movie called What Happened to Monday and I’ve been watching it over the past few nights until I fall asleep. It’s super crazy! It’s the kind of crazy that you’re like “woooow that’s messed up,” but can’t seem to take your eyes away. Lots of action and Noomi Rapace is a total boss. In my opinion, she kills it because she acts out identical septuplets. Parent Trap on steroids? I think yes! I know being an actor is hard work, but acting out 7 different characters? That’s pretty badass. You go girl!

Speaking of bad asses, I’ve been obsessed with the new Halsey album. Okay, maybe it came out in June but I’ve been keeping it on replay ALL summer long. It’s seriously so catchy, and I believe this album was the first female album to go #1 on Billboard top 100 this year. I really like all the songs, but I think my faves are probably “Hopeless”, “Sad”, “Don’t Play”, and “Lie”. I love how her music is so neutral, you can listen to it while you’re working out, jamming in the car, or going out with friends. She also slays the blue hair. Anyone who can rock blue hair is winning at life in my book. She may have inspired me to break out the mermaid extensions again!

Thank you guys so much for checking out my site, I hope you have an awesome day and rest of your week! If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Love you guys!

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