13 Things I’m Grateful For: A Tribute to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

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Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Mine has been busy but successful! I’ve been studying all week for my real estate class test and finally took it last night. I passed! Next up is the state exam and then I will be a licensed real estate agent for the state of Florida. So, I’m not completely done yet, but it’s always nice to see things moving forward. Lately I’ve been feeling beyond grateful for everything life has offered me. Because of that I’ve had so much joy surrounding me not only in my day-to-day life but also in my own thoughts. It’s not always easy to keep a positive mindset. Honestly, sometimes the smallest things can be irritating or throw me off. Recently, whenever I have a negative thought creep into my mind, no matter what it may be, I try to cancel it out with something I’m grateful for.

The current circumstances in Texas are a huge eye-opener to why I have so many reasons to be grateful. (#thinkingoftexas) To see the huge community that has come together to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey is simply amazing. It just goes to show that even in the worst circumstances good will triumph. No matter what, people will always join together to help those in need and I think that’s pretty freaking great. You can donate to the disaster relief fund for Hurricane Harvey at this LINK. It’s the one I used through Red Cross so it’s reliable and you can also pay through Paypal. Even just the smallest amount will make a difference! With that being said, I am dedicating this post to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and listing all of the things that I’m grateful for. There’s so much, probably too much to name but these are the things on the top of my mind right now, so here it goes!


  1. The support of my family: I realize not everyone has this, and geeze… I really wish they did. I’ve been so lucky to have complete and total support from my entire family with everything I’ve ever done. My parents are amazing, my sister is my best friend, I’m close enough to my aunt and uncle to live with them and my baby cousins brighten up my day with one hug, smile, or laugh. My grandparents never fail to send me sweet messages and my pets, well, they are the sweetest little animals to walk the earth
  2. Candles & Coffee: My two favorite C’s! Lighting my candles and having a cup of coffee at my desk first thing in the morning when I get to the office is seriously one of my favorite parts of the day!
  3. Health: I am so thankful for my health and the ability to make my body stronger. If you take care of your body, workout, and eat healthy you will start to notice significant differences not only in the way you look, but also in the way you feel. Not going to lie, I used to work out solely to get my body to look “better”. Now that I’ve realized how much of a difference it makes in the way that I feel, the vanity point has been lowered on the list of reasons that I choose to live a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The people that just “get” you: You know what I’m talking about. The people that can tell when you’re down without a single word uttered and know how to make you smile when you need it most. They know your favorite color, ice cream, things to do, etc. I know you’re thinking of someone! Whoever it may be, those people are the best.
  5. Laughs: Because there is nothing like cracking up uncontrollably. I’m talking pee your pants, crying kind of laughing. It’s the joy that your body just can’t hold in!!
  6. The little moments that stick with you: Those moments that you can’t let go. The ones that you think about during the day and can’t help but smile or laugh to yourself. This week I had quite a few of those moments with my little cousins. The 1-year-old, says my name when I come and go and I’m amazed at how smart she is. The 4-year-old is the sweetest little guy I’ve ever met and he’s also quite the skater—he’s already getting up on my longboard! The 8-year-old is fearless of being herself, never fails to make me laugh, and always puts a huge smile on my face. I cherish the little moments that I get to spend with these sweet babies as I watch them grow into the most amazing, kindhearted, caring people. Sometimes you just need to see the world through a little kid’s eyes!
  7. Uncertainty of the future: I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, tonight, or even 5 minutes from now. Either way, I’m excited to find out what the future holds. There is so much opportunity, so many amazing people to meet, and of course…. lots of good food to try! Hehe. I’m just feeling grateful for whatever the future may hold. It’s uncertain but that’s what makes it exciting!
  8. Pictures: I love taking pictures, I love editing pictures, posting pictures, and I’ll just go ahead say it….I love being in pictures! A picture can help you relive a moment in time that couldn’t be repeated otherwise. I surround myself with pictures of the things that make me happy so that I’m constantly reminded of how much love is in my life.
  9. Sweet voicemails: I think sweet voicemails are pretty much the best thing ever….after puppies of course! To have someone leave you a voicemail letting you know they care is just genuine on another level. Sweet texts are great too but it’s something about hearing someone’s voice. I got the sweetest voicemail after I passed my test and was left with a smile for the rest of the night!
  10. Sunshine: I don’t think I realized how important sunshine was to me until I moved to Florida! Having (almost) constant sunshine has made me realize how happy and energetic it makes me!
  11. Connections: It’s pretty amazing to have a connection with someone whether it’s over creativity, silliness, experiences, or common interests. It’s the best when you find a friend that you feel like you’ve known for years when it’s actually been so much less.
  12. Makeup: Hey guys, I had a kind of stressful week so I’ve gotta give it to my makeup. Thanks for making me look alive again!!!
  13. Time: You never know how much time you have with someone else, in a certain place, or with yourself. Thinking back on college I was soooo ready to get out and move on to the real world. Now that I’m here I’ve realized how much more I could have appreciated those times. Maybe they weren’t always perfect, but they were pretty great. Don’t get me wrong, Florida life is amazing, but instead of dreaming of the future I want to live in the moment, appreciate the time that I have and utilize it to my best ability. Being with others is great, but being with yourself is also great because ….YOU”RE AWESOME!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by my site! I don’t want you all to feel pressured, but if you would like to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey the link is below. Love you guys so much, you all are seriously the best. Have a great night babes!



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